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Plant a Tree

Plant a tree is a website that aims to make tree plantation donation easy, and present various ways to do it from home while contributing to our environment.


Encourage people to plant trees all over the world - it doesn't matter where.

Create one place that shows information and links donors directly to the preferable NGO.

Offer the option to donate a tree plantation using various virtual coins. 

Target audience

Our target audience is people that care about the environment. They want to take part in the green vibe, but without extreme changes in their lives and with minimum time spent. They need a simple way to support the causes they care about, a sort of digital plantation. 


We divided the potential users into two groups:

Users that are looking for a quick and easy way to donate, and don't care about the details. For those, we provide the option to donate and general information, right at the header.

Users that want to know more about the website, the owners, and the NGOs, before making a donation. For those, we added a social bar that connects them with the NGO's activity.

Website design

The owners wanted to combine nature and digitation, and to stay close as possible to the real cause while encouraging action. We used hand-drawn illustrations, to give a human touch into the links and general digital feeling. 

Plant a tree 1.png
plat at tree 2.png
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