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Ri'baund is an art group based in Berlin, founded by the artist Rotem Zakin. The group was created so to provide a safe artistic zone, in which artists can inspire and support each other while creating together exhibitions. 


All artists in Ri'baund are female immigrants living in Germany, starting a new life in an unfamiliar environment. Together they formed an inspiring home to share thoughts, ideas, an individual search of identity and to share artistic activity.

The members of the group practice diverse methods including photography, video art, illustration, fashion design, etc.  


They needed a website to present their shared activity, and inform about exhibitions and future events. As well as a platform that will be used to present their story to potential galleries and clients.  

The most important requirement the group had while designing the website, was to make the contact the main CTA. That's why the website menu is sticky and always on the side of the text, along with the contact information and links. 


The second important requirement was to present their shared and individual stories. So I've divided the information into two blocks: a description of the group and a small description of each artist alongside their portfolio links. 

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