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Witty Dog

A brand made for Alon, a dog trainer.

Alon training method is based on listening and understanding one's dog needs and later on, use it to motivate the dog to the desired behavior. By teaching both the owners and the dog, Alon is able to create a long-lasting and reliable relationship based on trust and communication.

When we first started working together I’ve asked Alon what is unique to his method, in terms of work process and services that he is offering.

Concluding his answers I was able to come up with some key principles.

Research-based training

The training methods are based on animal behavior studies.

It’s important for Alon to teach the dogs using techniques they can understand.

A unique plan for each client

Alon is creating a dynamic training plan that is unique to each owner and the problems he wants to resolve, and other issues he noticed that requires special care.

Consulting with an expert

Before adopting a dog, you might want some tips and guidance so you can adopt the dog that fits your personality and your day-to-day best.

Personal care & attention

Alon is arriving at the customer's house to first see the natural relationship and behavior of the dog and his owner.

We started with a prepared name From 2 to 4 which was focusing on the connection between the dog, a four-legged animal, and the owner, a two-legged animal. Thinking about the brand, we decided to focus the search on terms related to cognition.


Being clever and funny, making funny quips off the top of your head. Witty people are clever and cool. Hang out with them.



When designing the logo I was looking for the right visual direction, so I wrote down some concepts, values, and thoughts from my conversation with Alon.

witty word cloud-min (1).jpg

One of Witty dog’s key values is Communication. With this in mind, I drew the first sketches by hand, to achieve a particular look with a human touch.

Starting by creating a mood board, I also drew some hand and digital sketches. Here are some images of the process. 

early sketches.jpg
early sketches.jpg
early sketches.jpg

The Witty dog brand colors are inspired by primary school experience. B&W for the main logo, and some basic vivid colors, which I can use for the monocle glasses.


Later on, Alon can create products that are relevant to his work process, based on those colors, and relate each client to a different color. In that way, he can achieve a feeling of individualism. 

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